Dove Purifying Detox with Green Clay body wash -500ml


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Help detox and purify your skin with this nourishing Dove Green Clay Body Wash.

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Discover the Dove Clay range: combining the natural benefits of clay with the superior and gentle care of Dove. In a world with rising urbanisation, pollution and rapid environmental changes, there come growing concerns about the way these external stressors can affect our skin. Enriched with mineral-rich green clay, Dove Purifying Detox Green Clay Body Wash purifies and cleanses away daily toxins and impurities caused by these urban environmental stressors. Combined with the gentle and superior formula of Dove that consists of 0% sulfates, parabens and phthalates, this deeply cleansing body wash leaves your skin feeling restored, ensuring it’s treated with the gentleness and care you deserve. Wash away daily toxins, cleanse away impurities and purify your skin with Dove’s Purifying Detox Green Clay Body Wash, all without stripping away your skin’s natural Microbiome, the skin’s natural protective layer. Transform your daily washing routine into a cleansing and purifying act of beauty for your skin.

• Effectively washes away bacteria while nourishing your skin
• Dove Purifying Detox Body Wash deeply cleanses and renews skin
• 100% naturally-derived gentle cleansers to help nourish dry skin
• Dove Moisture Renew Blend helps renew skin’s natural moisture
• Bright scent of green clay helps awaken your senses
• Sulfate-free Dove body wash is gentle to skin’s microbiome

Our environment can stress our skin out – and sometimes, we need to take a moment to pause and reset. We made our Purifying Detox Body Wash to give you just that. This gentle cleanser for dry skin combines mineral-rich green clay with a moisturizing touch. With our body wash for soft skin, after just one wash, skin feels deeply cleansed and wonderfully renewed, with a clean, fresh scent.
By combining a plant-based moisturizer and naturally-derived cleanser with our Moisture Renew Blend, we’ve made this purifying body wash to help renew your skin’s natural moisture. And as you lather, the reviving scent of green clay turns your shower into a daily detox – leaving you ready for whatever life throws your way.

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Dove Purifying Detox with Green Clay body wash -500ml

Dove Purifying Detox with Green Clay body wash -500ml


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