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The Adofect Crystal Collagen Pink Peach Lip Mask softens, repairs your lips, exfoliates your skin. Refines aging by cell regenerating, fills up wrinkles around lips.

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-Water moisture Reduce lip wrinkles, fade lip color, anti-ageing, lifting, make your skin smooth and firm, increase skin resistance, resist the external environment infringement.
-SMOOTHS AWAY FINE LINES AND WRINKLES IMMEDIATELY: This concentrated lip patches treatment is designed to immediately counteract the appearance of all types of wrinkles and fine lines in the mouth by returning youth-nurturing moisture.
-EASY TO USE AND NOT – IRRITATING: Adofect Pink Mouth & Lip Plumper Patches is a lip treatment that is Dermatologist, Clinically and Allergy Tested. This gentle Pink lip patches is not-irritating and easy to use!
-IDEAL FOR DRY LIPS & SMOKERS: Adofect Pink Mouth & Lips Age Defying Patches is ideal for firming the affected area caused by excessive dryness, thin skin or years of smoking.

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