Tiam vita B5 Toner


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How it Works?
1. Leaves the skin feeling chok-chok without tacky or heavy feeling when layered.

2. Helps the skin stay balanced and calmed by restoring it to its optimal pH level.

3. Keeps the skin hydrated, supple and dewy, making it perfect as a base for your next skincare products.

How to Use:
Apply evenly to the face with cotton pad or hands.
If your skin needs an extra hydration, layer the product by reapplying or use it as a toner mask.

Key Ingredients
1. Panthenol: Locks in hydration and restores skin barrier function.

2. Betaine: Provides oil-water balance and soothes and calms the skin.

3. Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen: Increases skin hydration and enhances skin elasticity

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